How to Paint A Brick Fireplace Black – Before & After

First step for how to paint your brick fireplace black? Don’t ask anyone their opinion about it. Seriously. Just don’t do it. They will have ALL. THE. THINGS. to say.  Second step? Don’t be skeeeered!! It’s kinda drastic, I know. But if you love it, you love it. And it’s just paint! When we moved into our home several years ago, this red brick fireplace had been lightly whitewashed. Which made the fireplace look blue and purple. Not cool. So I painted it white because that’s what I thought I liked back then. My style has developed quite a bit since then AND we had a roof leak over the fireplace that caused the paint to bubble and peel. Also, not cool. Good news, we got a new metal roof so we won’t be having that issue again.

Knowing it was time for a change, I decided on black and asked my husband what he though about it and he was totally on board with it! I think he’s starting to trust my crazy design ideas. Mission accomplished. Like most bloggers, I turned to Pinterest to find out how to paint your fireplace black. And surprisingly I don’t come up with a lot of great tutorials so I decided to write my own. Now, keep in mind I had some prep that you might not have since you probably don’t have white paint sloughing off your fireplace like I did.

How To Paint Your Brick Fireplace Black

What You’ll Need:


Wire Cup Brush that fits drill

Kilz stain blocking latex primer

Behr Masonry, Stucco & Brick paint, in your choice of black (I get mine color matched to Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black)

2 inch angled paint brush (this is my fave one)

4 inch foam roller

3/4 nap roller

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First of all, I had to get the peeling paint off my fireplace. As you can see in the before photo below, it was peeling in mainly one area on the brick and one the concrete hearth. I used my trusty Ryobi drill with a wire brush attached to get all of the flaky paint off. This took about an hour because I really wanted to make sure my new paint didn’t peel off. Once I was done using the wire brush I cleaned the mess up, used a damp cloth to wipe the whole fireplace down and waited a couple hours to make sure it was very dry.

Then I used my Kilz primer to paint the whole thing, even the mantle. I used a small foam roller for 2 reasons. one reason is for the smooth finish. The other reason is it gets in all the grout between the bricks easily.I used a 2 inch angled paint brush to do along the walls and floor. The more you know 😉 I gave the primer 24 hours to dry just because I was a nervous nelly about this whole thing since the previous paint peeled.

The next day it was GO TIME for the Tricorn Black to go on! Super exciting!! I used the same method to paint the black as I did the primer. I wound up doing 2 coats. This Behr paint is great quality but painting black over white, you will pretty much always need a 2nd coat. You can also use the same brick paint on the wood surface of the mantle. Let this dry for a few days before sitting anything on it.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy the view!!

See it’s not scary at all and the impact is huge! I love contrasting colors (i.e. black and white) so if you do too, what are you waiting for it. Take the plunge now that you know how to paint your brick fireplace black.

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