How to DIY a Sawhorse Desk for Crafts

We’re moving right along in the Craft + Laundry Room. Actually the craft side of the room is pretty much done. I’d like to buy a new chair but that’s it! I made this sawhorse desk for about $35! Not too shabby and I really like how it turned out. What’s funny is it actually took longer to have my wood cut at Home Depot that it did to put this desk together. So easy!

Ok, so first things first. I’m a bad blogger and I forgot to take a before picture of the closet door I used as the top. I bought it at our local Habitat Restore for only $10. It basically looked like this but slightly beat up and with pretty gold hardware for sliding back and forth:

It’s 2ft wide and it was over 6ft tall so we had to cut some of the length off with our circular saw. Truth be told, we cut more length off than I wanted but oops! it still works. #reallife Seriously, measure twice, cut once. Once you cut you can’t go back people! I chose this door because I loved the gold hardware on it. I spray painted my door white using Valspar Paint + Primer I already had on hand.

I went to Home Depot and bought two sets of these sawhorse brackets for $7 each. If you’re keeping track I’m now at $24 for the desk. Next I went over to check out the 2 x 4’s. I tried to buy the straightest ones I could find. You check that by holding one end on your hand and putting it up to your eye while the other end rests on the floor. Close the other eye and look down the length of the board. Or, you know, bring a level with you to the store 😉 I bought 4 of these at $2.72 each ( and now we’re at $34.88 with some leftover wood for an upcoming project!) and had Rocky (the nicest employee ever at Home Depot!!) cut them to size for me. **Your size will depend on how tall you want your desk to be. Mine is counter height. Make sure you account for the inches added to the height by your brackets and the cross piece of wood.**


Once home I put it all together in less than 10 minutes, I’m not even KIDDING y’all, it’s so easy. You open your galvanized sawhorse brackets and insert your cut 2 x 4 pieces. Once you have both legs done you add your cross piece in and squeeze the brackets closed so the little teeth with hold onto the wood. Then grab some wood screws and fill all the provided holes with screws. So easy!! I know I keep saying that but FOR REAL. I like easy!!



I then laid my spray painted door on top of my sawhorses and used two little “L” brackets to secure the top to the sawhorses. I used black chalk paint to give the legs a dipped look but left the rest of the wood raw. And Voila! DONE! I’m loving this space. It’s so nice to have my crafts organized. I used some Command Strips intended for string Christmas lights that I found on clearance to keep my wall lamp plugs from hanging out behind the desk.



Things left to do:

Outlet extender/cover outlet grossness

Buy new chair

Buy new rug

This is a total beginner (or in my case lazy person hee!hee!) project. Anyone, ANYONE can make this desk! Do you think you’ll give it a go? Later this week or early next week I’m going to share my storage box tricks 🙂 See you then!!