Hallway Makeover — Final Reveal!

A few words came to mind every time I’d walk up our stairs. Ugly. Ewww. Gross. It was brown. As a matter of fact, the entire living room was also painted this color when we moved in. The previous owners had a real thing for brown. Just, no.

Hallway Before Collage

I decided to brighten it up and give it some character. I painted it all bright white and painted the window mullions black. I really LOVE black + white when it’s done right. My dining room is black and white too. I feel like the walls sort of turn into a neutral. Anyway, back to the hallway.

Hallway Makeover Reveal Pinterest

The planked wall is probably my favorite thing in the whole hallway. It’s imperfect and rustic with a little glam. White planks + brassy nail heads = Awesome. So pretty!!

I was never sure what to do with this little built-in alcove in the wall. It used to have a phone jack in it! We don’t even have a land line but our house was built in the 1950’s. I thought sitting something in it would just get knocked over (three kids and two cats, it happens a lot) so I decided to make a mini hanging planter.


Hallway Makeover Reveal 2 Hallway Makeover Reveal 3

The picture frames I painted gold are filled with Van Morrison lyrics from the song “These are the Days”. It has extra special meaning to my husband and I so I typed the words out and printed them for just a little personal touch.


Hallway Makeover Reveal 7 Hallway Makeover Reveal 6 Hallway Makeover Reveal 5

I wanted a rug up here but didn’t want to spend much money on it. Again, I decided to make my own! You can see the DIY Rug with Tassels here. I also built the blanket ladder for around $5! It’s not perfect but it’ll do just fine :-) I’ll post about it next week!


DIY Rug with Tassels 2

Here’s the other end of the hallway where our Reading Nook is in one closet and a bedroom and bathroom in the other two doors.


Hallway Makeover Reveal 8 Hallway Makeover Reveal 9


Macrame Hanging Planter

I’m pretty much in love. Wish my photography skills could do it more justice! Stay tuned next week, I’ll have lots more details and tutorials :-)


Hallway Before and After


Hallway Makeover collage

Other projects in this space:

DIY Mini Hanging Planter

$4 DIY Rug

Gold Studded Plank Wall

DIY Blanket Ladder

Wood Arrow

Black Window Mullions

What do you think of the hallway makeover? What do you have going on in your hallway? I’m still undecided on what to put on the stair wall. I don’t really want a gallery wall so I’m coming up short. What’s on your stair wall?


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Hallway Makeover — Final Reveal! — 105 Comments

    • Thanks Stacey! That Gold Studded Plank Wall was a major labor of love! Next weel I’ll share a trick I learned to keep the nail heads from bending 😉

  1. Beautiful! I love it! What a huge change. Now you’ve gotten my wheels spinning! :) Btw…..it’s nice to meet another “Leigh Anne” even though my name is spelled differently! :)

  2. This is awesome Leigh Anne!! I LOVE that plank wall (obviously) haha and I especially love the accent of those little nail heads. Such a bright transformation. Awesome job!

  3. Okay this is so adorable! I looooooooove the lyrics and the ladder. I’m looking forward to the post on that cause who doesn’t need a $5 blanket ladder?? Lol. I’m so excited!

    xxxxooo Randell

  4. I love everything about this! Love the planks with the little nail head trim details. I also LOVE the arrow. It’s pretty amazing to see the before and after. Great job!

  5. I love everything about what you’ve done here. That planked wall is fabulous! And the black window, song lyrics, arrow, blanket ladder and plant hanger in the niche…oh my goodness! You hit a home run in this space :)

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  7. Hi Lee Anne! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your Hallway Makeover, and I’m featuring you as one of my Rockstars this week from Creativity Unleashed!

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    Congratulations and Good Luck!!!

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  9. This is such a wonderful transformation. Love the planked walls and all the extra details you added to the space. It is so light and airy now – just lovely!
    Thanks for the inspiration,

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  15. This turned out so beautiful! Love the plank wall! Your awesome project is being featured today at Your Designs This Time! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Emily & Erin

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  19. I can’t get over the before photo, oh my gosh did you transform this space! It looks AMAZING and that planked wall is so much fun with the gold details! This is being featured at The Makers link party this week, woo-hoo! We hope you will stop by to grab a button and link up. Plus we are also hosting a giveaway this week to celebrate our 25th link up. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

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  21. Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know that you are this week’s MEGA Rockstar! Whoo-hooo!!!!

    I’m shouting you out on all my social media outlets, adding you to my sidebar and have tons of pins going up tonight on my biggest boards starting around 7PM EST! I’ll also be featuring you in my weekly newsletter on Thursday.

    I hope you get LOTS of love this week! You totally deserve it, girl!!!

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  24. What’s in my stair wall? Exactly what you don’t want… a gallery :) I’m not one for matchy-matchy, so my frames are not alike. I have old, black and white family photographs on their original frames… just can’t change that. If I could suggests things I’ve had in the past… a beautiful, large, hanging quilt, a mirror collection (those would probably look better if the frames were all the same color – spray paint!), or frame the wall with molding, dividing it in at least 3 equal spaces. You could put art work or leave it alone. Happy Haven!

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  26. Wow! What an amazing makeover! Just painting the walls white and adding in one planked wall made a huge difference. The wall art goes fantastic with the room. Great job! As for the stair walls…. I have a gallery wall so I’m no help. Can’t wait to see what you come up with though.

    • Thanks Amber! MY wheels are still turning on that stair wall. I considered a clipboard wall but my husband made a certain face so I’m moving on lol

  27. I found your site via Rambling Renovators and am so glad I did. This is a fantastic makeover! I keep on scrolling up and down to see the before and after. Wow.

    You’ve just inspired me to rethink our entry way (:

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  32. Oh my goodness, this is amazing!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that plank wall, what a fun idea and it totally gives it new character!! I need to make one of those blanket ladders, too!! And the rug! I need everything about this area. Haha! Great job, pinning!! :)

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